About us

‘PYLONAS A.T.E.’ is a contracting company based in Thessaloniki, 3rd Class in Electromechanical, Construction, and Industrial Energy projects, 2nd Class in Roadworks, Hydraulic, and A1 in Port projects.

The technical company ‘PYLONAS A.T.E.’ with years of experience in the field took its current form in September 2013. It was created as a continuation of ‘THEODOSIADIS ANASTASIOS & CO E.E.’ and ‘THITA TECHNIKI’, which were a continuation of the individual businesses of the brothers THEODOSIADIS ANASTASIOS and THEODOSIADOU ELENI together with VASILEIADIS KYRIAKOS.

It has been active for over 30 years mainly in the field of electromechanical and construction works and studies. It specializes in the construction of low and medium voltage electrical energy transmission lines.

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